Anarchist Posters Mocking The Police Appear Round London


Some radical chappies have got hold of photoshop, a decent printer, and a giant helping of don't give a fuck, and spread a series of posters around London parodying official police imagery, whilst offering a somewhat different message. Here's a few examples:


lewisham cannabis poster

Outside Scotland Yard (not a great reflection of the Old Bill's powers of detection tbh)

anti police anarchist poster London

North London:

anarchist London anti police poster

The socialist/ anarchist newspaper Strike are claiming responsibility for creating the posters – but not posting them. They helpfully offer fans a download of all three images on their website. As yet there has been no official police response, although there are unconfirmed reports on twitter that police have been cordoning off the sites, stopping members of the public from taking photos of the posters, and generally standing around looking like they've got the arse. No doubt Strike won't have heard the last of this..