From The Badger’s Lair #5


Just in case you hadn't managed to quite get your fill of old school advertising for things that probably weren't all that good for you, a wee bit of a music update and the above image of a sausage church, our badger – Mark Broadbent – has stumbled out of his lair once more with a batch of goodies to set you right.

So, without any futher ado, watch out – Badger's about;

Not often enough. She’s far better at most things than I am, sadly.

Maybe I should be doping her up more. Drugs, the answer to everything. Remember when it was that simple?

Open wide.

There. Told you you’d feel better.

Although I do kinda like this idea too. Back in the day. Surprise the madness out of them!

We have to remember that we are not treating diseases with this drug. We are using a neuropharmacologic agent to produce a specific effect. ~ Dr. E. H. Parsons, 1955

More incredible adverts on this simply stupefying invention here.

Watch what you're taking people. Especially if you're getting it prescribed!

I think this advert kinda says it all really. Physician, heal thyself. Although the turn of phrase doesn’t really mean that I like how it sits with this picture of ancient quackery.

This week's disco sucks

And some Disco Socks.

Oops. Ouch. Some days I can watch shit like this all day. What’s wrong with me/us?


Wonderful news this week as we learn that Sub Pop are to re-release the long out of print and fucking amazing Sharpen Your Teeth. We’ve long worn out the grooves on our copy round the Badgers Lair so hopefully I’ve not left it too late to replace this cultural artefact.

Pre-order a copy there and in the meantime, whilst you're awaiting delivery, remember The Things I Don’t Remember. Scatalogical fun for all the family. And safe for work.

Another super-duper African banger getting the re-release (vinyl coming soon) it deserves from the good folk over at BBE Music (Barely Breaking Even. Gedit?!?) 
Sad story behind the artist who sadly died homeless on the streets of London when the records he made simply didn’t take off and left him without enough money to make it home. Or so I’m told.

Reasonable artist bio here.

Digital version available to purchase here (but fuck that and wait for the plastic).

And let this whet your appetites for now. Sounding like the best track that Kid Creole never made. But better. We play this at Pikes On Sunday’s.

A sausage church. Probably Russian, post communism period when there were enough sausages for everybody to celebrate.

Sausage queue in the bad old days.

Ah…”We haven’t had any problems” – famous last words.

Mark Broadbent can be found running Pikes On Sundays over in Ibiza.