Die Cut #6 – Day Off

WOW Internet!

It has been incredible to read about the massive HURRICANE that hit Panama last week and created such a long trail of waste, that even the PM of Iceland had to take some days off, for a longer period I hear.

What we all knew for a longer time, that there exists a parallel universe on planet earth filled with troopa doopa billions, in which a large number of Houdini style scammers shower in champagne and live life like insanely better then you and me), has one more time come to see the light! The difference is, that while we knew it, now we have certain proof, and we can legally prosecute people of Universe 1%.
Let's see if that really happens, because it looks to me like all eyez are right now on CAM'RON, the titanium chest man, the teflon skin PM. Can he get out of this one?
Legally, he hasn't commited any fellony, because offshore funds are legal in the UK, right? Or am I wrong?
I leave this to you guys, to get him out of number 10 or not, I certainly would stand in front of his House right now, but I'm not even allowed to vote in the UK… Still I might go… 
Make sure you get somebody in, who finally is prepared to change the laws on tax havens.
Meanwhile I've been hit with the news I won't be paid my sick days, so they have become more DAYS-OFF… What a wonderful life
Enjoy your DAY-OFF to come.
Always here for you
An unpaid tax paying DIE-CUT