Asking For A Friend #24


The world of Mitch Davis's peculiar friend is somewhere that we've heard about many, many times yet we still have no desire to visit it. There are plenty of obvious reasons for our decision and a whole new batch of them has just flown straight in. We're very sorry for what you're about to witness, well, not that sorry. Here come this week's questions;

If you're seeing giant googly eyes in trees, are you having an acid flashback? Asking for a friend.

Is this book suitable as a gift for a new girlfriend? Asking for a friend.

Is it weird to do the illuminati 666 hand sign if you're a pope? Asking for a pope.

Anyone want to buy a Nord Lead II? Needs a bit of a clean. Asking for a friend.

Anyone fancy looking after my dogs for a week? Must have a fairly large living room. Asking for a friend.


This family are casually taking their 42 St. Bernard dogs for a walk.

Posted by The Breeze NZ on Sunday, 26 July 2015

Anyone want to buy some second hand burger cheese slices? Asking for a friend.

Does the pope worship the devil? Asking for a friend.

How many murders is too many to admit to on a first date? Asking for a friend.

Any ladies fancy joining me for a slice of pizza and romance? Asking for a friend.

Did intergalactic space monsters invent chess? Asking for the World Chess President.

Are one leg jeans cool this season? Asking for a friend.

Any parents looking for a children's entertainer? (CRB Checked) Asking for a friend.

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