Win A Print From Lost & Found

Art & Culture

We've managed to get our mucky paws on a print from David Rusbatch's Lost & Found exhibition taking place from April 4th at the Redhouse Originals Gallery in Harrogate. For your chance to win a print like the one on the right, simply email with the subject 'LOSTANDFOUND'.


The exhibition takes a look at the important role that dance music has played in the development of our culture and society. With 25 pieces of work on show, Rusbatch is aiming to create a visual language for dance music that is truly unique and inspiring. There is a clear, distinctive style to his work which the artist himself has grown recognised for throughout his vast oeuvre. 


What makes this exhibition so worthy of attention is the sheer lack of representation for art forms such as dance music on a larger scale. Whilst there may indeed be plenty of amateurs and semi-professionals creating pieces of art with dance music in mind, this is one of the rare occasions at which the culture of dance music is given a significant stage to be presented within the world of art.


Hopefully this exhibition can go on to spark the minds of several budding, and perhaps already successful, artists who have a personal relationship with dance music; current generations are significantly more likely to feel this bond thanks to the growth of the genre within the last 25 years or so. As the whole culture of dance music is heavily precipated on bringing people together, it would be a fitting touch if an exhibition such as this drew in the crowds and gave dance music a firm foothold as an example of artistic inspiration.


The Lost & Found collection will open at RedHouse Originals on Friday 4th April 2014, click here for more information.


Ciarán Steward