The Nuclear Question

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As plans go ahead for the UK’s first new nuclear plant in twenty years –  day of documentaries and discussions take an in depth look at the pressing question of nuclear energy.
Amazingly, nuclear power is now the new cry from many climate change warriors
In a remarkable about-turn, a number of climate change warriors and environmentalists are becoming pro-nuclear. They believe that with the surge in demand from the developing world, nuclear energy is our planet’s ‘cleanest’ option, but with Fukushima still spewing radiated waste, the arguments against it remain potent.
DocHouse are putting on a day of films exploring the pros and cons of one of the planets most debated forms of energy. Six documentaries from different points of view; four international directors in discussion; a one-time chance to be informed, take part and focus on this key issue for the future of our planet.
Highlights include Oscar-nominated director and former anti-nuclear campaigner Robert Stone’s controversial new documentary PANDORAS PROMISE, which meets the energy experts and environmentalists who have undergone the most radical of conversions. In addition we will have films looking at disasters such as Fukashima and Chernobyl, and a rare chance to see Adam Curtis A FOR ATOM. We are also very honoured to be showing a special sneak preview of a brand new documentary on potential nuclear answers, THE GOOD REACTOR.
The day concludes with a panel discussion which will include multi-award-winning, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Robert Stone (Radio Bikini, Earth Days, Pandora’s Promise), Esther Hoffenberg (Welcome to Nuclear Land), Frankie Fenton (The Good Reactor) and Paul Johannessen (Women of Fukushima).
All screenings are individually priced but day tickets are also available for 20 (18 conc), this includes all films AND our closing night panel. 
?To take advantage of this offer, call the Ritzy Box office (0871 902 5739) or visit in person and buy all three tickets in one purchase. More information HERE.

THE RITZY CINEMA | Saturday 16th November | from 12pm