The Four Quarters

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One of the benefits of working as a journalist (barely…) is the free perks that you sometime get. A week or two ago (shut up, I've been busy…) I had one of the most amazing nights of my adult life by being transported back to a time before I was born. It's complicated.

The Four Quarters in Peckham is a bar/arcade – a barcade if you will – with every classic arcade game you could hope for (unfortunately Pacman was out of order though Ms Pacman sufficed). It was like living in a fantasy dream world where instead of water you had local beers and the machines didn't take any money to play. Of course, the latter of these was simply for a one off occasion but it did indeed mean that I saved myself from wasting what would probably have been close to £100.

I don't get excited by things too often, in fact I can be a bit of a grump, but nothing has filled me with giddy joy like The Four Quarters did in a long time. With Mario Kart on the N64 upstairs (of course) and Point Blank ready and waiting, I was a 12 year old boy once again – though this time around I was allowed to drink alcohol, probably the only thing that keeps from my tween years being the best of my life.

Go to The Four Quarters. Go now. You will love it. I don't care about your opinions and feelings, just go. You might get fired? Go. It'll be more than worth your while.


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