Simon Evans – Live At The Theatre Royal

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Simon Evans may well be the comedian who has been in the public eye longer than any other without releasing a comedy DVD, until now…

Within the opening minutes of the show Evans already shows off his razor-sharp wit and absolute mastery of the English language. Using his well-spoken nature as a strong opening gambit, there's no pulling punches and ultimately his acceptance of the fact his voice sounds a tad more 'cultured' than most of his peers means that he's able to cover ground that others would be foolish to even dream of treading upon. There's no doubting that he wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, plenty of his comedy would go flying over thousands of heads across the country, yet the educated nature of his comedy will make for plenty of chortles and guffaws.

There's no sense of a manic approach to his role as an entertainer, you won't find many 'umms' and 'errs' scattered throughout this performance and there's no need for the frantic stage presence that some comedians require to keep people's attention. Though I might be focusing a tad on the more eloquent features of his comedy, Evans isn't afraid to chuck in words like 'wank' and 'jap's eye' to show that he's more than a one trick pony. Regular Ransom Note readers might be quite happy to hear that they'll be able to identify with jokes about shit glasses, camera phones and slightly peculiar looks. 

With a direct style of delivery that any qualified barrister would be proud of, Simon Evans is a distinctly high-calibre comedian and this is the perfect stand-up performance to enjoy over a fine glass of mulled wine.

Yes, this is a comedy DVD being released just in time for Christmas.

Who'd have thought it?

'Simon Evans – Live At The Theatre Royal' is out now.