Ransom Note’s Best Of 2018

Art & Culture

It's been a long and winding year, we've had our ups and downs. There's been comedy gold along the way and political peril awaits, however as per tradition we take this time to reflect on some of our favourite moments across the last twelve months.

We do so in no predictable fashion, you may stumble through this list with a sense of bewilderment and wonder but let's be honest, that is the very nature of life itself. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and anyone who gave a damn about what we do over here at Ransom Note, we wouldn't be here without you. From those who have bought records to the late night dancers at our parties, the eternal diggers to the first time reader. This list is for all of you…

Onwards to 2019! 

Here was the year…

Public Phone Booth Backfire

Ah, who'd of thought it? Set up a bunch of free use public phones in some of the most deprived areas of London and they'd be mostly used to buy… drugs. BT getting a rough deal here, surely they get a share of the profits? 

WANDA GROUP Twitter Account


All you need is HERE

From Youtube to Pornhub

The Met Police have blamed Drill music for the current knife-crime and gang-culture epidemic decimating the capital city’s young population. 

By targeting this talented pool of young British artists, the feds removed a number of music videos from Youtube, claiming that channels were profiting from viewership. Tim Westwood’s probably making more money from spinning rekks than breaking necks (or endorsing it).

To get around this enforced censorship, videos of the illustrious Crib Sessions series, as well as Zone 2 and 1011 songs, were uploaded to Pornhub. Ironically, these clips probably became the most family-friendly streams available on the website.

Patrice Evra vs Salmonella

Normal Thanksgiving celebrations tend to consist of a big Turkey dinner. It’s a wholesome time spent with your family, remembering the origins of the Greatest Country in the World.

Not for Patrice Evra, though. Seductively spanking the carcass of a chicken, sucking on its sweet little feet, the left-back added an erotic twist to the National Holiday.

He later apologised, saying people found the video weird. Funny that. 

Djrum's "Portrait With Firewood"

A figure who deserves more praise than is perhaps sometimes gifted. Arguably one of the most impressive and distinct albums of the year with a beautiful demonstration of crossover amidst genre. 

Pete Doherty’s Mega Breakfast

Pete Doherty is a resident of Margate, the crown jewel of the Kentish Riviera. He’s fully invested himself into the community, sponsoring local non-league Margate Town’s shirt as well as launching a hotel. 

Perhaps his proudest achievement, however, is his demolition of Dalby Café’s Mega Breakfast. 4000 calories stood between Doherty and the Wall of Fame. In under twenty minutes, The Libertines frontman had cleaned his plate.

Elon Musk smoking weed

Joe Rogan’s podcasts are pretty good. Interesting guests, broad range of topics, generally great listening. Out of all the guests, Mr. Elon Musk took the biscuit (edible).

Toking on a phat blunt, Rogan and Musk discussed Tesla, horses and AI. He didn’t even inhale. 

“It’s legal, right?”

The Great London Puddle Crossing

These are the people who should be sorting Brexit, ingenuity and bravery aplenty. 

Elecktroids ‎– Elektroworld

Whilst not technically a 2018 thing, this has just been reissued so it kind of counts. Symptomatic of the return of a much loved genre having a bit of a "moment" might you say. Of course the heads were all there the first time around though…

Knickers The Cow

Big ass cow. 

The Crave

A city with a rich heritage and intrinsic ties to That West Coast Sound, Crave Festival is putting The Hague back on the map. Run by a group of friends and with the full support of the local government on the basis of its cultural value, Crave takes over the picturesque Zuiderpark in central Den Haag with 4 well curated stages covering the full spectrum. You can read our glowing reflection here but in essence it's the perfect one day inner city festival: size, location, sound & crowd. Just make sure the Airbnb you book to share with your boss has a door on the bathroom.

Ross From Friends steals beer

The one when the actor steals beer but doesn't really. 

Tbilisi Protest Rave

On the 12th May, the Georgian government ordered for the raid of Bassiani, the country’s largest venue, and Café Gallery, the first LGBT+ friendly space in Tbilisi. The two clubs were labelled as dangers to public health due to drug use.

This was immediately suspicious. Only 8 dealers were arrested, with the equivalent of €800 of narcotics seized. None of these arrests were made in the clubs, either.

So, how to respond to this?

Gather in front of the main parliament building, blast techno and rave. And it worked.

10 days after this protest, and the club-owners regained control of their venue. The show must go on.

Wiley vs Everyone

Poor Wiley. First Dizzee and Skepta, then Chip. 

‘Pagans’ Dizzee and Skepta were branded as frauds by the eskibeats pioneer after the pair shared their music video for ‘Money Right’ 

Skepta’s tune with Drake didn’t impress the Godfather of Grime, and his theft of BBK from Big H sat pretty badly too. Dizzee’s been in hiding for 18 years, apparently, but their beef goes way back.

Pagans, indeed. Then there was Chip.

The King started the year with an MBE, but now can’t get an invite to Chip’s party. He got the instastory-rant treatment as well.

Deontay Wilder destroys mascot

Dressing up as a sombrero-wielding, moustachioed pritt stick is embarrassing enough, but hitting the canvas on live TV after taking a shot from The Bronze Bomber really rubs salt in the wound. 

Wilder was encouraged by hosts on Nacion ESPN to throw a trademark right hook, and boy did he do that. The poor mascot took a monster shot to the jaw, before hitting the deck and writhing around in pain. 

Salvatore Ganacci at Tomorrowland

Looking like a tennis player with a penchant for parchment paper, Salvatore Ganacci’s set will live long in the memory of Tomorrowland fans for good reason. The Swedish DJ pranced around on stage, wielding nothing but a mic and a positive attitude. Serious boogie-envy with some of those moves.

Pete & Bas

Not the sort of geezers you wanna meet in a dark alley, these two OGs spit flames. Instead of talking about arthritis and their last round of golf, Pete and Bas threaten with their criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. Don’t war with P&B.

“I’ve ‘ad more skets than you’ve ‘ad ‘ot dinners”

UN adds Reggae to list of international cultural treasures

“The basic social functions of the music – as a vehicle for social commentary, a cathartic practice, and a means of praising God – have not changed, and the music continues to act as a voice for all.”

Well put, UNESCO.

Theresa May’s moves

Name a more stomach-churning moment. Seeing that woman attempt to shake a leg and crack a joke was as cringe as it gets. The less said, the better.

Cold War Steve

Providing a portal into the dystopian post-Brexit Britain, Cold War Steve plays Höch on the twittersphere. Providing crafty and comedic collages depicting politicians, C-list actors and dictators rubbing elbows, think twice before laughing. This could be the future.

Mundial Mag

Football’s banned in the office, but that doesn’t mean we can’t subscribe to a gloriously glossy quarterly that reminds us why we still quite like football at 31 (sorry Wil).


On our recent trip to Lithuania we fell in love with Vilnius. The people, the party, Opium club, potato dumplings. From exploring the beautiful old town, getting a tour from Manfredas around some great bars and then having a dance on Opium’s infamous dance floor, we can’t recommend it enough. We’ll be back.

David Byrne – American Utopia Tour 

Bare footed 66 year old leads us and his marching band through the gig of the decade. 

Paul Danan Instagram

We'll let this one speak for itself. 


A great year for the up and coming dj/ producer, Discwoman mix was a particular highlight. 


Perhaps the best thing to happen to online music since forever. Easy access, label friendly and all round purveyors of the good fight. 

The Giant Penis Building

Terrible design or genius mischief?


Toys for adults. 


Salty chocolate pretzels for everyone everywhere…

Houghton Festival

Perhaps one of the best bits of 2018 was the quite spectacular Houghton festival. A huge step forward for the UK dance and electronic music scene, well deserved praise and special weekend. 

Hollywood Seven

Whilst not technically a feature of this year by name alone, it was for us. A revival of a record which has left us dancing in the office for a long time and carried us through the night at Renate back in March.