Private View: Warmduscher Colouring Book

Art & Culture

Freaks, carnivores, sticky fingered enthusiasts and fools; roll up for a sneak preview of the one and only Warmduscher colouring book!

Released as a strictly limited run of 150 the book has been lovingly cobbled together to accompany Warmduscher's debut album, a mix of corrosive garage scuzz, justified paranoia, chirpy drug abuse and Lidl brand blues. Artwork in the colouring book comes from an A-Z of seditionaries, with Anton Newcombe, Clams Baker, Mica Levi and Faile contributing pictures alongside Warmduscher's very own Lightning Jack Everett, Saul Adamczewski and Clams Baker. Proceeds from the sale of the book (available from Bandcamp here) are being plowed into supporting staunch left winger Bernie Sanders' attempt to run for leadership of the Democratic Party in advance of the 2016 US Presidential elections. Which is better than them blowing the cash on Bath Salts and Haribo. 

To live more of that Warmduscher luxury life, head over to their facebook page.