For Those That Like To Get Down – Ten Years of WOLF Music

Art & Culture

WOLF Music are ten, a label of which we are very fond and who have been keen supporters of Ransom Note since day one. We share a similar lifespan and their vision is unrivalled in terms of the music and ethos which they represent as both a record label and party. We are proud and as such bring you this film…

"A couple of years back we were approached by film-maker, Paulo Pennings, who said he had a concept for a short documentary about WOLF Music. Flattered and intrigued, we took him up on his offer and ‘For Those That Like To Get Down’ was put into production. The documentary is Paulo’s portrait of WOLF Music, and has seen him and his team joining us at various gigs throughout the world, interviewing some of the main protagonists and sifting through heaps of archive footage shot over the past 10 years. It's a quick dive into vinyl culture – the creation, selling, collecting, and playing of this enigmatic format.

WOLF is the backdrop to that experience in this doc, and we hope it will connect on a broader level with those people who make records a central part of their lives. For us personally it has proven to be an odd experience to see yourself on film, but this documentary is celebratory rather than a hard-hitting expose and it prompts many happy memories as well as those "we can't believe we sound / act like that" moments. We'd like to thank Paulo and his team for all their hard work in making this happen. And much love to Ransom Note for giving it the platform to the world and for supporting the culture."

– Matt Neale & Stu Clark


Paulo Pennings is a Dutch filmmaker and music enthusiast who just moved to London when he got in touch with Wolf to collaborate on a project. To his surprise, Matt and Stu proposed to shoot a documentary and so For Those That Like To Get Down was born. It was a way for Paulo to get closer than ever to his favourite music genre, portraying one of his favourite labels in his own distinctive way, with authenticity and humour. The documentary is a homage to house music and perhaps even more importantly, a contemporary historical account of managing an independent record label in the new millennium.


For Those That Like To Get Down is as DIY as house music culture itself, a production filmed on any available equipment and mostly edited in a bedroom studio. Filming started in 2017 with Paulo joining Matt and Stu to -boat- parties, radio shows and different events whenever they would pop up. The whole post-production phase started in 2018 but after a first version was achieved, Matt and Stu’s enthusiasm saw Paulo shooting and adding more interviews in 2019. A celebration of 8 years of Wolf Music Recordings became a celebration of 10 years. Realising he could not do everything himself, Paulo had help from media industry friends grading the documentary and mastering the sound for the jigsaw puzzle production to come to an end in the summer of 2019. For Those That Like To Get Down finally screened at The Everyman Cinema in London’s King’s Cross in September 2019.

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