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Brassa, Capa, Kertsz, Moholy-Nagy, Munkcsi
30 June2 October 2011

“Born from Hungarys tumultuous start to the twentieth century, The Royal Academy of Arts is exhibiting the work of a generation of artists who have profoundly influenced the course of modern photography.” Independent preview

Brassa, Robert Capa, Andr Kertsz, Lszl Moholy-Nagy and Martin Munkcsi each left Hungary to make their names in Germany, France and the USA, and are now known for the profound changes they brought about in photojournalism, as well as abstract, fashion and art photography.

Others, such as Kroly Escher, Rudolf Balogh and Jszef Pcsi remained in Hungary producing high-quality and innovatory photography. A display of approximately two hundred photographs ranging in date from c.1914c.1989 will explore stylistic developments in photography and chart key historical events. These striking images will reveal the achievements of Hungarian photographers who left such an enduring legacy to international photography.

I’ve not actually seen it but soon as I do I’m sure you’ll hear all about it! Letcha know soon…

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