Doc House: El Impenetrable UK premiere & Q&A

Art & Culture

The wondeful DocHouse crew’s latest offering focuses on the battle over land currently raging in Paraguay. Taking place at 8pm on Thursday 18th July at Richmix and featuring a post-screening Q&A with prominent environmentalists, it’s well worth checking out. Read on for details…

El Impenetrable UK Premiere + Q&A

Daniele Incalcaterra & Fausta Quattrini

France / Argentina – 2012 – 95mins

The Paraguayan Chaco is one of the worlds last virgin frontiers, where modern-day cowboys battle with the indigenous populations over agricultural drilling rights.

Filmmaker Daniele Incalcaterra was left 12,355 acres of land in the Chaco by his father, but when he decides, through a combination of altruism and frustration, to return his untouched land to the indigenous Nandeva people, tensions begin to run high.

Battling against GM soybean growers, as well as cattle ranchers and oil prospectors, Incalcaterra forms his own motley posse to help preserve this beautifully rugged piece of forest forever.

This film will be followed by a Q&A with Elias Diaz Pea (award winning Paraguayan Environmentalist and Coordinator of Friends of the Earth Paraguay) and Nick Rau (Friends of the Earth, UK). Both are working closely with FOE Paraguay to protect land and people’s rights.

For further info and tickets, pop on over to the Doc House website.