DirtY wars

Art & Culture

Experienced reporter Jeremy Scahill peeks behind the curtain to uncover some of America’s darkest military secrets. Dirty Wars sees Scahill meet civilians who have been affected by multiple US offensive fronts, finding more atrocities than he could even have dreamed of.

By keeping track of the Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC), Scahill discovers just how little suspicion can be necessary to spark a military raid. With all sorts of under the radar, possibly immoral missions and actions being taken it seems as though the ‘War On Terror’ is being tackled much more aggressively than has been made clear to the public. These units that are able to work with a sense of immunity the world over.

Director Richard Rowley delves into this murky world of unreported events and botched cover-ups with a film that highlights some of the Western world’s greatest fears and some of the darker ways in which the American government works.

Dirty Wars is released on November 29th.