Comedy Slice #64

Art & Culture

Oh hello there February, leave your umbrella by the door and slip off your wet shoes. Lets settle down with a whiskey to bring some colour back to your bedraggled looking (and lets face it beyond wind-swept) face,  and plan some strategic outings for the week. Because you will not be beaten by the weather. You are better than that, so laugh until you cry with these upcoming stars of comedy.

Friday 7th // Vikki Stone: Work In Progress // Pleasance Theatre // 5

Vikki Stone burst on to the comedy scene when the video to her song about Phillip Scofield went viral (though personally, Im still traumatised by the innuendo using Gorman the Goffer in the video leave the puppet out of it!)  Now following on from her first national tour Stone, with a few awards under her belt, brings a new show to London. A fulfilling show of silliness and songs that youd expect from this gem Stone (couldve resisted but didnt) . Also, worth mentioning that Pleasance are currently offering 3 work-in-progress shows for 12. Bargains.

Tuesday 11th  // Joseph Morpurgo – Truthmouth // Leicester Square Theatre // 12.50

All-round favourite at last years Edinburgh Fringe Festival Joseph Morpurgo, has now teamed up with acclaimed theatre company Truthmouth for his debut solo show. In this new collaboration Morpurgos inventive ideas shine making for an extremely exciting first show that displays his ridiculous characters in full force. Expect skits from an over-enthusiastic TV chef, a veteran Uno player, a friendly private assassination service employee and a possessed Irish farmer. What more could you want?

Thursday 13th // The Sexy Valentines Show // The Invisible Dot // 12.50

Oh sorry you thought you were finally going to get through something without a mention of it. When I say it I of course mean the thing of  February 14th aka Valentines day aka Lonely Hearts Club/Gifts-So-You-Can-Prove-To-Your-Friends-I-Care day. I’m sorry that Ive let you down but this night has a great line up well worth getting on the cupid love train for. The brilliant rising stars Ellie White, Jack Barry and Pat Cahill take to the stage in this most sensual of shows; seducing you with a mixed bag of character, sketch and surreal comedy. 

Holly Hyde-Smith