comedy slice #55

Art & Culture

Much like a last minute fancy dress outfit this week’s slice has just a sprinkling of pumpkin in it, in the briefest of nods to Halloween, along with some toffee apple’d delights that have no reference to the day of haunting at all.  

Tuesday 29th // Fame: Not The Musical // Southbank Centre // 20

David Baddiel is back. The Baddiel of Newman & Baddiel (the first comedians to sell out Wembley arena), ‘Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned’ and of course the cult classic ‘Fantasy Football League’ is back a whole 15 years after his last solo show. His new show is a rather diva-esque subject – his relationship to fame. With hilarious stories from his personal experiences Baddiel looks at the bizarreness of it and dealing with being in the public eye. So, the question is not should you go but can you resist not going? A cult figure talking about fame. Irresistible. 

Wednesday 30th // Felicity Ward Irregardless // Soho Theatre // 10 

Last year Felicity Ward’s hit show The Hedgehog Dilemma was nominated for a host of awards and received critical acclaim in the K as well as Australia and now she’s back with Irregardless. The lack of Hedgehog references in the title is a little disappointing but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt which this as Ward promises to take us on a roller-coaster ride through anxiety attacks, autotune, her love for junkies and the butchering of language. All cards are on the table in this stand-up whirlwind.

Thursday 31st // The Storytellers’ Club – Ghost Stories Special // Kings Place // 12.50 

Sarah Bennetto’s cult creation Storytellers’ Club, comedians gather round a preverbal “campfire” for a spot of storytelling, yet the tales are true and sometimes reveal more than the teller planned… In honour of Halloween the Club takes a spooky turn with comedians Colin Hoult, Ewen Macintosh, John-Luke Roberts, James Dowdeswell and (of course) Bennetto come together around a witches cauldron to out do each other with some spin-chilling ghost stories to make you laugh. 

Holly Hyde-Smith