Comedy Slice #48

Art & Culture

The Comedy Slice is back in London town. Inhaling the exhaust fumes and scurrying down dodgy streets from Soho to Camden to  wiping soot from our eyes as we source out the citys comedy gems. Ah its good to be back amongst the bright neon lights.

Saturday 7th // Stephen Lynch Live // Arts Theatre// 20 

Now, stick with me past the next four words: American musical YouTube sensation. Still here? Good. Although that four word combination bring terrifying visions of American X Factor auditions with the unique voice combination of cats drowning and nails on a chalk board yet a diva attitude to rival Maria Carey. Banish that image. Stephen Lynch is a Tony-Award nominee with albums full of  original humours songs including an ode to tattoos and a song lamenting his veganism. A unique chance to catch him live.

Friday 6th // Monkey Business Singles Night // The Oxford// 10 

Many people will complain endless about being single yet refuse to go speed dating or online dating or go to Slagbox or use Tinder. No sympathy should be given to these people. You make your own destiny.  However, if you are an afore mentioned singles then this could be the night for you a comedy night only for single people with opportunities to mingle with the others between acts, quizzes, free cheese and biscuits, prizes and a love guru. And if whole dating side embarrasses you – just pretend you are there because you really love a particular comedian or free cheese platters.  (If you go with the comedian get-out clause choose from this weeks line up: David Mills, Christina Elderfield, Sarah Callaghan, Cythnia Lewis, Gatis Cardis, Cate Mckenzie and The Love Fairies, Martin Besserman.) You knows maybe youll meet your next partner/husband/wife/heartbreak.

Wednesday 11th // Comedy Biscuit // Gem Bar // 5 

Wednesdays are an opportunity to reward yourself for getting half way through the week. And nothing is more perfect for casual celebrating Wednesday than Comedy Biscuit. This night gives comedians an opportunity to test out new material while audiences sit back enjoying the free biscuits (or takes advantage of the two tickets and a bucket of beer deal for 15). On the line up this week, to accompany the biscuits and beers, is Joe Bor (warm-up for Graham Norton), Inder Manocha (Finalist in So You Think Youre Funny), Lou Sanders (Russell Howards Good News), and Tim Clark (toured with Frank Skinner).  And to oversee the proceedings is Simon Feilder MC. Now, that is a Wednesday night.