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Sounds like there's lots of good stuff at this year's Cannes (although the weather isn't as good as it is here), but my big hope for the moment at the moment is for Ken Loach's new film, The Angel's Share, which has had rave reviews, and which sounds like his most commercial film in ages – if not ever. Lots of good reviews and positive word of mouth, and cool stories, like this one. Fingers crossed some prizes will be won come the end of the week. Here's a trailer.

As you can see from the picture, there are some Scots scalleys involved and a sense of humour – plus whisky. I look forward to seeing a special preview in bath on June 8th with Ken Loach in attendance.

Other films which have attracted attention include the new film by my favourite French film director, Jacques Audiard (The Beat My Heart Skipped, Un Prophete). This one is called Rust and Bone, and stars Marion Cotillard, not always my actress of choice, but apparently a shoo in for Best Actress already. See this trailer for a flavour.

Michael Haneke is one of the few directors whose films can usually be greeted with the description of masterpiece almost before they are shown, and by all accounts his latest – Amour, starring Jean-Louis Trintignant and Isabelle Huppert is as good as or better than anything he's done before. I look forward to seeing it. Another director, Thomas Vinterberg, has been largely ignored since Festen several years ago, but his new film, The Hunt, starring the excellent Mads Mikkelsen, has been reviewed enthusiastically. I also like the sound of No, starring Garcia Bernal, about the advertising man who orchestrated the anti-Pinochet marketing campaign.

I'll tell you more at the end of the week.

By Phil Raby

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