Action & Desecration

Art & Culture

The Spanish artist and writer Montse Gallego has a new exhibition starting this month – “Action & Desecration”, a selection of her latest paintings and drawings. The exhibition, hosted by Hundred Years Gallery, focuses on the last four years of Gallego’s work, a series of multi-compositions of acrylics, drawings and writings on recycled flyers that the artist collected from different galleries in London. On these flyers, the artist superimposes her own emotions over the promotional images printed on the flyers.

In her almost 20 year long career, her work has always been marked by the power of the symbol and the prominence of the written word. “When I’m painting I’m also writing”, Gallego says. That’s why in her artwork words and symbols interact, transcending her and our reality. Her paintings are really influenced by the figure of her father who, also as a painter, was involved with traditional Spanish religious art. In the early nineties, she started to work with interpretations of this religious imagery, transforming them into expressions of her own sexuality.
In this flyers series, Gallego recreates personal emotions in separated parts that together build a perfect story. Pieces such as “Shadow”, “Boat” or “Azul” are permeated by these sexual and religious symbols.. According to the artist, all these elements allow her to break and desecrate the sacred, something that was imposed on her in the past. The predominant colour is blue, which the artist considers “very spiritual”.
At the same time, the gallery are hosting a separate exhibition on the ground floor -“Amazon 131” by Paul Shearsmith. Over time, the architect, musician and photographer has come to see his car, a Volvo Amazon 131, as a piece of on-going sculpture. The exhibition shows a series of photographs of his “piece of art” and an impressive full size representation of one side of the car.
Both artists will donate all the profits of this show to the gallery for fundraising purposes. You can see “Action & Desecration” and “Amazon 131” until 16th of December at Hundred Years Gallery. For more info check their website