Wick Session: 25

Art & Culture

Wick sessions are a series of talks and seminars dedicated to Hackney Wick and its surrounding area. Events about community energy and resource sharing. The project is aiming to develop and build an Anaerobic Digester (AD) in the Olympic Park that uses local organic waste to create heat, power and fertiliser. Technologies like AD exist, but the technical challenge of turning urban waste into energy is far less than the challenge of supporting people who want to attempt this. The project is free to join and open to all those who are interested in local energy and zero waste societies, or who just want to know more.

They are also recruiting volunteers who want to join in a set of hands-on building workshops to construct a functioning Anaerobic Digester. The first event in this series will bring together six speakers and will offer a good opportunity to learn about context of Micro AD and how to get involved in the project.

Wick Session: 25. takes place on Friday 5th June in Hackney, click here for more information.