The Secret DJ shares new book ‘Tales From the Booth’

Tales From The Booth artwork
Art & Culture

‘Tales From the Booth’ is the newest book from The Secret DJ, published by Velocity Press.

Following their first two books, which told the stories of what it’s like to be a working DJ, this new instalment features contributions from DJs all over the world who tell their own tales of being in the industry.

Around 80 DJs, producers and industry staff were interviewed, from every scene and genre, to share their anonymous stories, which range from afterparty experiences to strange encounters while touring to excess and debauchery.


The Secret DJ: “I didn’t write this book. Not entirely. In fact, this is an anthology of stories from many DJs, of all stripes and persuasions, from all over the world. This book is one of the most collective efforts we’ve done so far. Some of these tales are pure gold. Some are a little obscure and strange. Some are funny. Others are deadly serious. These are real stories by real DJs.”

Tales From the Booth is out now on Velocity Press.