The Green Man: Faber Publish Exploration Of Iconic British Folklore

Art & Culture

The Green Man is an abiding feature of British folklore, emerging from murky, pre-Christian roots to hold sway in the modern world, adopted by neo-pagan folklore and used as a figure head for 21st Century eco-movements. Now Faber are publishing Uprooted, a new examination of the role of the Green Man in British society written by Nina Lyon, previously known for her essay Mushroom Season – a history of the magic mushroom and a rumination on 'youthful psychedelic adventures.'  

From the Uprooted press release:

 Against a shifting backdrop of mountains, forests, rivers and stone circles, a cult of the Green Man emerges, manifesting itself in unexpected ways. Priests and philosophers, artists and shamans, morris dancers, folklorists and musicians offer stories about what the Green Man might mean and how he came into being. Meanwhile, in the woods, strange things are happening, from an overgrown Welsh railway line to leafy London suburbia…

Uprooted is scheduled for publication on March 3rd 2016 – in the meantime you can visit Nina Lyon's esoteric website here