psychedelic classic ‘The Cosmic Trigger’ Comes To London

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A new play based on Robert Anton Wilson's psychedelic classic The Cosmic Trigger is coming to London for a run from November 26th-29th. The novel was an autobiographical work, written in 1977, that covered Wilson's writing of the classic sci-fi series The Illuminatus Trilogy, his meetings and subsequent LSD experiences with Timothy Leary, and has conviction that "reality" is mutable and subjective to the observer. It's commonly considered a masterpiece of radical philosophy, and cemented Wilson's status as a counter-culture icon. This adaptation has been written by Daisy Eris Campbell, who's father Ken Campbell write the theatrical adaptation of Illuminatus, an adaptation reputed to change the lives of most of its cast and a fair portion of its audience.

In taking on The Cosmic Trigger, Daisy Campbell is promising "mind-blowing visual effects, extraordinary musical soundscapes, and proper “Ken Campbell style” acting… The journey through Chapel Perilous, a dangerous occultist crossing point, from which one either emerges paranoid or agnostic…. It will be approximately three hours long (a snip compared to the original 18 hours). The audience will emerge feeling like they’ve been on a real trip, with interactive elements, (a Dog-faced Sirian might accost them in the toilets), full-blown magical rites and psychedelic sing-a-longs."

Tickets for what is certain to be a strange and potentially wonderful experience can be purchased from the Cosmic Trigger website. Look out for the wizardly visage of Alan Moore – who is providing a voice over for the show – in a series of specially created propaganda broadcasts below:


1 of 5 : CTB_01// Network23 from amoeba on Vimeo.

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