Simon Hanselmann’s Latest Megg & Mogg Book Drops

Art & Culture

Megg, Mogg & Owl was both the funniest and most uneasy piece of fiction we read last year. A collecton of scenes from the lives of drug abusing losers (who include a depressed witch, a talking, bum-sex obsessed cat, an alcoholic owl and a psychotic bisexual wolf) the book managed to break out of the ghetto reserved for weirdo alt-comix to become a New York Times best seller. Now creator Simon Hanselmann has returned with another series of tales – terrifyingly he maintains that most of the material is, at it's core, autobiographical- having grown up as the child of a drug addicted mum in a Tasmanian hick town, Christ knows how he's managing to laugh at it all. 

Titling the new collection Megg & Mogg In Amsterdam (And Other Stories) the book gathers together strips Hanselmann has delivered for Vice and various undergrounds publishers over hte last year or so, along with new material. It's as funny and disturbing as the previous volume, and if you have anything even approaching an offkey sense of humour, you need this in your life – head over to publisher Fantagraphics for more info.