New book, ‘Out Of Space’, documents UK cities that have shaped club culture

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Art & Culture

‘Out Of Space’ tells the stories of the different towns and cities across the UK that have nurtured and fostered club culture.

Written by Liverpool-based writer Jim Ottewill, the book maps the places where electronic music has thrived, from Glasgow, Sheffield and Manchester to unlikely havens for club culture like Todmorden and Coalville.

As well as tracing to the roots and origins of dance music, including pirate radio, festivals and sound system culture, ‘Out Of Space’ looks to the future and new models of clubbing.


A wealth of DJs, producers, architects and ravers, from Norman Jay and Josey Rebelle to OK Williams and Ministry of Sound’s Justin Berkmann, offer their own thoughts too, providing a commentary on where we are now and what the future of clubland might look like.

Speaking about the Jim’s process of writing the book, Toddla T, who also contributes, says: “Jim has been in the trenches of the club scene as early as I can remember absorbing different sounds, spaces and musical cultures. He’s truly immersed in the scene and has a genuine passion for clubland and all things related.”

Out of Space is out now on Velocity Press.