Le Tigre / Bikini Kill Doc To Show In London

Art & Culture

Here at Ransom Note we've always been suckers for the howling theatrics, scuffed docs and shonky guitars that went into the Riot Grrrl movement. Bikini Kill? Bloody marvellous. Same can be said for Le Tigre, who soundtracked a zillion of our 00s house parties with their serrated punkdisco classics . Go on, give Deceptacon a listen and go nuts like it's 2004:


Both bands were fronted by the instantly recognisable brat-yelp of Katherine Hanna, and now you can treat yourself to an hour and a half of Hanna love – The Punk Singer, a documentary looking at her life and work, is showing in Bethnal Green's Rich Mix cinema on Thursday May 15th. The film, an official selection at SXSW 2013, will be followed by a Skype Q&A with director Sini Anderson. Get tickets and more info here


The Punk Singer is being screened as part of the wider DocHouse program, a year round festival of documentary cinema taking place in venues across the capital. Other highlights in May include The Little Proletarian, a portrayal of a 14 year old rebel in modern China, and Pipeline, the feted study of the effects of the Trans-Siberian pipeline on those who live in it's proximity. 

Visit the DocHouse website for a full program, including information on special screenings and Q&As