Global Drug Survey Launches 2018 Edition

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Yes, it's that time of year – the Global Drug Survey have just launched their 2018 edition, returning to study and showcase the behavioural patterns of drug users across the world. The annual survey consults over 100,000 people on the way in which they use drugs in order to establish the lifestyle patterns, health impacts and implications of drugs beyond the argument of legality. So yeah, just a little bit more accurate than chatting to punters in the smoking area at fabric. This year the survey showed a spike in A&E submissions based upon the purity and potency of certain drugs on the market. The overall goal of the survey is to make drug use safer for all, raising awareness of factual information and rational theory.

Surveys are weirdly fun aren't they? Maybe we just feel flattered by the attention. Plus they're a great way to waste time at work. So I bet you're probably wondering how you can contribute to the Global Drug Survey 2018? Why, by clicking right here of course. It should take 15-30 minutes to complete, or a bit longer if you got on the K at the weekend.

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