Dublin’s Bohemian FC become first in the world to play vinyl over tannoy system

Art & Culture
Written by Grace Morton

Dublin’s Bohemian Football Club has announced a three year commercial partnership from 2023-2025 with The Record Hub, an Irish online record store and music discovery platform.

Dalymount Park, home to Bohemian F.C., will be transformed into the first football stadium in the world to broadcast vinyl over the stadium sound system for home games, DJed by Richie O’Connell.

Hosting years of outdoor concerts, Dalymount Park has been the core of Dublin’s rich musical history. It began in 1977 when the Beach Boys, Dr Feelgood and John Peel were booked to perform on an August Bank Holiday Monday.


However, due to cancellations, Thin Lizzy ended up headlining at Dublin’s first ever major open air rock festival on August 21. Other iconic headline performances followed such as: Bob Marley in 1980, Meatloaf in 1982 and Faith No More in 1993. Regular gigs are still hosted at the club bars at Dalymount Park to this day.

Bohemian F.C’s COO Daniel Lambert said: “Dublin has an unbelievable music history and much of it has been intertwined with our stadium. From Thin Lizzy’s 1977 gig, the first outdoor rock gig in Dublin, to the 1980 only ever Marley concert in Ireland where he proclaimed his ‘solidarity with the Irish struggle’. In the 90s it saw performances by Ice Cube, Sonic Youth and Faith no More. In more recent years we host most punk gigs in the city in our club bars and the stadium features in Fontaines DC lyrics for ‘Roman Holiday’. To know have vinyl only playing inside the same stadium and under the same lights graced by Lynott and Marley as well as Pele and Best, it’s a special thing.”

The partnership will include other exclusive opportunities including collaborations on specific music genre nights, vinyl releases remembering the gig history and vinyl giveaways for fans and the wider fan base.

Bohemian F.C. have previously collaborated with Irish post-punk band Fontaines D.C. releasing an exclusive jersey to support homelessness charity Focus Ireland and have more recently released an away kit to benefit the children affected in Palestine with Palestine Sport for Life. Now The Record Hub will be represented on the back of all Bohemian F.C. jerseys, to celebrate Dublin’s significant musical heritage.