Carsten Höller And The Flying Mushroom

Art & Culture

Carsten Höller is a Belgian artist he lives and works in Stockholm, but this summer we are lucky enough to see his work 'Carsten Höller: Decision transforming the Southbank into a playground. If you haven't noticed we have the Isomeric Slides in Southbank, it allows visitors to travel from Hayward Gallery’s iconic glass pyramid ceiling to gallery entrance level.

Guess what? that's only the beggining of your art journey, we'll also get to see a wide range of new and ambitious works including Flying Mushrooms (2015), an inverted mobile featuring seven spinning Fly Agaric mushrooms.

There will also be Flying Machines that allows visitors to ‘lift off’ over Hayward Gallery’s iconic sculpture terraces and ‘fly’ above Waterloo Bridge. But what intrigues us the most is that on enterting Carsten Höller: Decision, we can all become a part of exhibition (yes.. all of us!) how? well visitors need to keep on reflecting on the choices and descisions they make. There'll be two seperate enterances throught the exhibition; Get ready for this, Pill Clock (2015) "A ceiling mounted timepiece that will drop over one million pills onto the gallery" – there'll also be a drinking fountain for people who decide to take one of the pills and face its unknown effects (what??!!!) 

After a long day of roaming the gallery you can spend the night in his installation Roaming Beds (Grey)The exhibition is one of the main highlights of Southbank Centre’s summer programme. Carsten Höller: Decision is the last exhibition in the Hayward Gallery before the Gallery closes for essential repair and refurbishment.

For more information on Carsten Höller: Decision and tickets, click here.