Ramen Diaries #5

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+++ ramen diary 5 +++

Shiomaru, Shinbashi

Shio ramen 


It takes a good 5 minutes to arrive, not 30 seconds, which makes for a much more relaxing lunch as you don't feel forced to eat at top speed. 


The soup is quite refreshing, I suspect lightened by small amount of yuzu peel, but there is no visible evidence of this. 


You have to choose between a small, medium or large portion of noodles, all for the same price. I go for medium, which is just that. The noodles more cooked than my ideal, but perhaps I was supposed to specify how I wanted them as well. 


The extras are brilliant: delicious ozone-y seaweed, dense and sharp bamboo, light yet rich egg. The pork required some chewing, but it achieved that excellent balance between roasted caramelised sweetness and deep savoriness. 


All in, very good, although the slightly lighter style is perhaps better suited to warmer weather. 


780 (about 4.50 at current rates)