Ramen Diaries #4

Art & Culture

Daito Ramen – Shinbashi, Tokyo



This place is popular, with a permanent queue at lunch times. The portion of noodles is huge and each noodle is large, almost udon size, and very chewy. They arrive steaming hot to be dipped into the thick, warm sauce before eating. Very good in cold weather but impossible to consider in summer. 

As I eat my whole body slowly shuts down as I start to fall asleep to save vital energy for digestion. It's impossible to finish even half of the noodles, but after eating enough I taste the dipping sauce. There is chopped cabbage and bean sprouts in what seems to be boiled down tonkotsu soup. It's so dense that's its impossible to taste the constituent ingredients, and although it's incredibly rich, it somehow avoids being too oily or salty. I think I was supposed to ask the cook to add hot water to make it drinkable, but I didn't need it.

Too much for me.

?800 (about 4.70)