Ramen Diaries #1

Art & Culture

Ramen, it's pretty in with the hipster dining crowd these days… but a good friend for many years Mr Shepherd has been appreciating this dish for many years previous. On his recent move to Japan he's been able to sample this most satisfying of dishes on regular occasions. 
In a sporadic – well hopefully not too sporadic – series, The Ramen Diaries will unearth some of the best 'noodle soups' that Tokyo has to offer. To start us off Menma Ramen from Shinbashi

Hakata Tenjin, Shinbashi

Menma Ramen – Hakata style 1mm noodles, cooked for 10 seconds (I timed it), in a tonkotsu soup so white and creamy that its difficult to believe its made with only pork bones and fat.
The pork chashu was fatty, but pretty good.
Slightly dull pickled bamboo shoots (menma) served separately.
No complaints at all. 

600 (less than 4). 

Remember: Hungry, not hipster (ed)