Review: Ma’plucker, In The Heart Of London’s Soho

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Ma’Plucker is perched within the busy streets of Soho and is a haven for all things chicken. Walking into this restaurant I was pleasantly surprised, the interior, fresh, clean and decorated with funky orange wallpaper that radiates a feeling of Southern sunshine.  

The staff were extremely helpful. The main waiter, who I wish I’d caught his name, sat down in a friendly fashion and explained how the menu worked. He did the same with several other customers, which was a warm and welcoming touch. 

The menu was straightforward and easy to understand which I enjoyed. I opted for the 3-Way-Chicken Menu although there were also menus for afternoon tea, bird and bubbles, Sylvia’s party packages and drinks. 

So this is how it works: you choose a base (which includes salad, bun, waffles,) you choose a sauce (chicken skin gravy, chipotle chilli sauce, Kansas BBQ, herb dressing and maple chilli glaze) and finally you choose your chicken (crispy coated buttermilk dipped, rotisserie chipotle rubbed and roasted, hickory spiced slow and low) or the vegetarian option of crispy coated halloumi. 

If you can’t make your mind up there are also pre-set meals such as Sylvia’s steak sandwich and a chicken Caesar salad. The sides include a classic mash, pickles, slaw and buttered corn but the standout, which caught my eye, was the crack & cheese – essentially a large ball of fried macaroni and cheese. Of course I ordered that.  

As for the chicken, I went for crispy-coated buttermilk dipped breast in a bun with gravy and mash. My boyfriend opted to go for the pulled chicken, a mammoth portion (which meant that he could have two bases) on maple waffles and salad. 

The service was very quick and our food arrived no more than 10 mins after we ordered. Who knew fried chicken could be so rewarding? It was crispy, savoury, piping hot. The mash was superb: buttery and smooth with a hint of cheese. My only qualm was that whilst the gravy that I ordered tasted delicious, it didn’t quite match the meat. However, it did go very well with my mash. 

My boyfriend’s portion of pulled chicken was massive, unsurprisingly so as he had ordered five hundred grams of the stuff. The perfect combination of sweet and savoury pulled meat was delicious but we both had to admit that the chicken bun was the superior dish. 

Quirky desserts were aplenty. We opted for the cornflake caramel sundae which was silky sweet. That said the best food was definitely the main courses. The shining star of the meal however, was of course, the crack and cheese aka mac and cheese. This creation is a carb lovers dream.  A fun option and unlike any side I’ve ever seen before.  

Conclusively, what ultimately plays to Ma’Plucker strengths is its location. Soho is renowned for Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai– I could literally count dozens that we passed on our way. This restaurant acts as a clever alternative to when you really aren’t in the mood for Asian food. It’s quick, extremely friendly and the food is distinctively comforting. I whole heartedly recommended this chicken fix. 


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