Ciaran Goes To Lucky Chip @ The Old Queens Head

Art & Culture

If you're anything other than a vegetarian or vegan then you'll know how fulfilling chomping into a big, juicy slab of meat can be. When that meaty goodness is surrounded by a whole host of other delectable flavours and encased with a good old fashioned burger bun then you can find yourself falling head over heels in love with food.

That's how I felt after just the first bite of one of Lucky Chip's burgers as I sat in the middle of The Old Queens Head in Islington, the rest of the room around me disappearing as the food in my hands became more important than life itself.

You might be thinking 'isn't it just a burger?' – NO! (Well, technically yes…) They've managed to create a menu filled with a range of different burger options that means whatever your meaty craving might be, they've got something that'll make you not want to brush your teeth for the next few days.

With a guest burger on offer titled 'The Bill Murray' which featured crab meat (my eating buddy wolfed down the whole thing in a matter of seconds, despite the potential offer of 'sharing both burgers') and chips covered in a selection of pork, beef, wasabi, BBQ sauce and aioli we chowed down upon a feast fit for kings. Though the burgers may be greasy enough to leave your hands looking like tracing paper figurines of their former selves, the offering of such a fine combination of tastes is something that needs to be taken up at all costs – particularly due to the reasonable pricing and the fact that you can pop upstairs for an evening of entertainment without having to worry about your sudden weight gain.

If you want burgers done right, this is the place to go.

Find out more about Lucky Chip at The Old Queens Head here.