Ciaran Goes To Bunsmiths

Art & Culture

Having only ever been to Sebright Arms before in the search of finding entertainment for my ears I was a little hesitant to give my tastebuds over to their cuisine. Oh how glad I am that I took the plunge at let the newly-residing Bunsmiths cater for my foodie needs for an evening.

Pulled pork has been an increasingly popular thing in the last few years, particularly so in East London, and it's a serving style that needs to tread the fine balance between being too dry or too sweet – curating the perfect sauce to serve the pork with can be an almost scientific process. Bunsmiths go about creating their version by slow-cooking the pork for a 12-hour stretch, ensuring that none of the taste is lost throughout the cooking process. The result? A meat that's tender, full of flavour and worryingly moreish.

Mine was served in a combination with beef brisket, also given the same level of care and dedicated in preparation, on the aptly named BBQ bun – completed with a BBQ slaw that I could quite happily have ordered a tub of, stuck a spoon into it and eaten as a meal in itself. The sturdy nature of the accompanying bun was particularly helpful, with all that dripping meat inside I was a little worried for my trousers but fortunately the support structure in place made sure that all the delicious flavours went straight from bun to mouth.

As for the sides there are plenty of delectable options to choose from, the choice by Bunsmiths to incorporate some of the key elements of their buns into the accompanying items works brilliantly well as it allows you to get a taste of the majority of the main menu without feeling like you're being too greedy. As much as the main portion of the meal shone, it was no match for what might just have been the best portion of chicken that I have ever encountered. This warming, buttermilk fried chicken was like nothing I'd ever had before – it managed to be soft and juicy whilst remaining sturdy enough to dip into the accompanying spicy mayo, which itself went well with pretty much everything on the table. 

With all this glorious food, and more in the form of some top quality onion rings and the unmissable chilli chips (which come with slow cooked pork and beef on top in case you chose elsewhere on the main menu), I failed to come across a single weak spot in the Bunsmiths mouth-watering selection of food. With a nice pint of local ale on the side, it was the best meal I've had in months. I might just have to make it a regular haunt.

Bunsmiths are currently providing the food at Sebright Arms, click here for more information.