Ransom Note and Optimo launch new Festival

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Art & Culture

Watching Trees will take place between the 2nd and 4th of September.

Long time collaborators and friends, Ransom Note and Optimo have teamed up to celebrate 25 years of Optimo with the launch of a new UK festival.

Watching Trees will celebrate its first edition this summer with names set to be announced imminently.

The festival will take place in the rolling hills and woodlands of the Awre District with the festival being described as a throwback to the early days of Optimo parties.


“We seek to replicate the original energy and fun of the early Optimo parties, the feeling of the first time we danced outdoors in woodlands & open fields and enjoyed the freedom of getting to know the person next to us.

Whilst every element of the lineup will be very carefully considered, the location is perhaps the diamond of the weekend. Beautiful rolling hills and perfectly planted woodland on the edge of the mystical Forest of Dean form the backdrop to a weekend bathing in exquisite sounds.”

The festival is limited capacity with sign up available now.