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Kenny Larkin 
Matthew Styles
Danny Faber 
Robin Ordell
HB Event Prod. presents:
a Bar 25 FunFair of Mayhem….
Roll up Roll up! Boys and Girls, freaks and friends and creatures of the funfair! London’s Half Baked and Berlin partners in crime Bar 25 come together for a one day joyride as HB Productions present…The Bar 25 Funfair of Mayhem! As most will know, Berlin’s infamous and now sadly closed Bar 25 was a source of musical adventure, afterhours magic and circus fantasy throughout its reign as the cities most surreal adult playground. A venue in tune with our own hearts here at Half Baked, we spent many days and night dancing our asses off and swinging from trees in its heyday! Keeping the circus spirit alive we invite you, our acrobats, clowns, magicians, fire jugglers, trapeze artists, lion tamers and tightrope walkers (eeer…kinda!) to experience the lost but not forgotten land of Bar 25 right here in London.
Presenting Kenny Larkin, we welcome an artist who is without question one of the words most premier leaders in Detroit techno. Tradition passed down to producer, DJ and remixer Kenny from visionaries such as Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May, Kenny Larkin flies the flag for the real Detroit vibe. A career dating back to 1989, Kenny Larkin was one of the first Detroit artists to make the cross over into a new sound and after spending his nights at The Shelter and The Music Institute, he met John Acquaviva and a very young Richie Hawtin just in time for Richie Hawtin’s very first record label Plus 8 – Kenny Larkin was Hawtin’s first ever signing. The 1990’s saw Kenny Larkin grow, develop and project his unique sound of dance music globally, with projects such as ‘Dark Comedy’ and Pod’ – and who can forget what was named as one of the most original techno albums to date ‘Azimuth’ on War Records. Winning numerous techno awards and continuing to release critically acclaimed EP’s and albums, Kenny Larkin has toured the world and back again, his precision, originality and ability to read the crowd never faltering. Boys and Girls, you are in for a treat as we present one of the world’s most respected performers…Kenny Larkin.
Joining Kenny is Matthew Styles, an English born but Berlin based comrade of the stand out artists of our scene. Having made his name in both London’s confined and intense club vibes and Berlin’s relaxed and vast atmospheres; Styles knows his clubs, crowds, systems and energy more than most, making his sets work each and every time. The son of a dj, Mathew Styles has been behind the decks for years and those who remember DigYourOwnRave at London's Tbar (please tell me some of you are old enough to remember!!) will know Matthew Styles as its co-founder and DJ. His productions profuse labels such as Bpitch Control, Music For Freaks, Horizontal and Crosstown Rebels. Having spun at renowned clubs worldwide and listing Ramadamman, Theo Parrish and Skudge amongst a lengthy list of artists he enjoys to listen to, Matthew’s own dj style reflects his eclectic taste in dance music, crossing barriers and becoming an intriguing ride all of its own.
What Bar 25 Funfair of Mayhem would be complete without its head honcho, resident and club kid Danny Faber!? Danny Faber has been a respected member of the Berlin music scene for over a decade. Beginning by running his own illegal underground parties, it was during this time that he performed his never ending dj sets; working, refining and developing himself into the on-point, upbeat and skilled dj that he is today. Joining forces with like minded talents and renegades, Bar 25 was born – founded by Danny Faber and eventually making its name as the most influential after party club….enough said!
A day of surprises and performances…HB Event Productions invite you explore the blasting hordes of creatures, games, tricks and adventures…don your circus attire, your open minds and free your dancing feet…
The funfair is coming to London town…
Lots of Love… x

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