What Lurks behind the pale blue door?

Art & Culture


Behind a dilapidated light blue door in the very depths of downtown Dalston lies a secret supper club. 
The man behind the unassuming door is set builder/self-taught chef Tony Hornecker, who has taken his eccentric art installation cum dining room around the globe, from London to Berlin to Buenos Aires and back again.
Now in London for its fifth instalment, The Pale Blue Door will open once more tomorrow evening, welcoming diners into a manic world of bric-a-brac, mismatching crockery, red velvet, gypsy clothing, soft toys, broken chairs and one very friendly, cross-dressing waitress. 
For £40 per head, visitors of The Pale Blue Door can expect a three-course meal, half a bottle of vino, a between courses cabaret show by said waitress, and a whole lotta ambience. 
The Pale Blue Door will be open for twelve sessions only from October 25th to November 11th 2012. Booking Essential at thepalebluedoor@gmail.com
Take a peek through The Pale Blue Door and at some of Tony’s other astounding installations