Tim Green Interview

Art & Culture

With regular releases and some of his finest work on Cocoon, Get Physical or Dirtybird and countless remixes for such luminaries including Friendly Fires, Cassius, Booka Shade, Tiefschwarz & Claude Von Stroke Tim Green has hasn't had such a bad 4 years as a producer!
Ahead of his NYE hoe down at Bedlam we caught up with him for a quick little chat.

Tell us the history of Bedlam – when and why did it all start?
It started over 2 years ago in Maidstone, Kent. We did the first party (I think it was the first anyway ha!ha!) with good friend Martin Buttrich and myself playing. The night was started mainly by my manager Nick Liousias, together with myself. We started it because we thought nobody was really throwing parties like this down in the Kent area so we wanted to give it a try. We have now brought the party to London also which has been going incredibly well!

Who is on the Bedlam NYE line-up and why have you chosen those artists to join you on one of the most important nights of the year?
Heidi from BBC Radio 1 is our headliner guest for NYE who is also a good friend of ours! We chose her mainly because obviously she is a good friend and an amazing DJ. As well as the fact she has never played at Bedlam before for us. We’ve wanted to get her to play for a long time and have not got round to it until now. Then our other very special guest is Amirali who is one of the newest and freshest members to Crosstown Rebels. He has got his debut album coming out on Crosstown Rnext year, which I can tell you is an absolutely brilliant piece of music. Amirali is also a really good friend of ours, as well as NYE being his debut performance for us too.
We've heard some intriguing stories about Bedlam being held in some kind of fortress in Kent? Details please?
Yes it’s now held in a Napolean fortress in Kent.  – moat and everything surrounding it! It really creates a completely different and interesting vibe to most other parties!

Of all the Bedlam events throughout 2011 – which have you enjoyed the most?
Honestly it is really hard to choose. We have had so many great guests and parties in 2011. I think one of my favourites was our last party in London with Laura Jones, M.AN.D.Y. and Kollektiv Turmstrasse. It was pretty much perfect I think and I would not change a thing. The music all night was amazing, crowd and vibe amazing too. My favourite from Kent was probably our Claude Von Stroke and J. Phillip party. Again for the fantastic vibe and music on the night. Claude played one of the best sets I have ever heard from him!!

What are you, as Bedlam's head honcho and resident most looking forward to about your NYE party?
I think getting to listen to Heidi and Amirali play. Amirali is playing live, so I am going to geek out and listen to him, how he does everything live etc haha! It’s usually my favourite part of the night, being able to listen to our guests as well as hang out with them. Then of course getting to play myself will be great!

More info and tickets on the New Year event here