Tief And Nts Bring Beats In Space To Peckham’s Bussey Building

Art & Culture

Tief and NTS are joining up to bring the noise to the Bussey Building

They will be transporting New York City's Beats In Space radio to OUR LONDON. Picking it up with their bare hands, trailing wires, metal joists and antenae in their wake. It will then be jetting through the biosphere before Captain of the enterprise, Tim Sweeney, guides his vessel into port on 25th September. "Land Ahoy!" he will say, as he catches sight of the streets of Peckham Rye, awash with tumble-weave, fish entrails and Goldsmith's art students. "Huzzah!" shall he cry, as he surveys the dancefloor heaving with drunken university goers and dancers from near and afar. What a place to land!

Our illustrious captain Sweeney will be headlining the event but in his hardy crew are DJ Sprinkles (not a children's TV character), Palmbomen II (live set), Matt Karmil, Mount Liberation Unlimited (live set), Hesseltime, and Kasra V.

You can find out a lot more information from their Facebook event.

And you can watch what a Mount Liberation United set will look like here:

This event will take place on 25th September at Peckham's Bussey building. Get tickets while they're hot!