Thunder W/ RAHAAN – A Preview

Art & Culture

This correspondent is the questionable owner of over 30 years of clubbing under his cummerbund and it’s rare to dust off the hyperbole for a night out but none tickles the fancy like Thunder, certainly in terms of what trendy Dalston and it’s even trendier Dance Tunnel has to offer. If Dalston repels, then Thunder is for you ‘cos it’s really not a ‘Dalston thing’ it has all the chutzpah and swinging bronze balls of a much larger event with a larger event’s attention to detail and booking policy.

Each guest has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms of carefully chosen quality. If some nights choose DJs like naming a Womble then Thunder are the opposite, they agonise over it for months. Not a million miles away in both approach and indeed personnel from the legendary Boy’s Own parties it shares their knowledge and love of all things HOUSE with a modern twist that finds a healthy mix of RA kids just there ‘cos it’s Dalston mixed with non-hipster Househeads, classy ladies and older veteran gents all cuddled up together in a very tasty little space.

This month’s guest Rahaan needs no intro. He’s all about Chicago but no retro booking, he’s fresh and tonking and on top of it all (like all the best nights) the residents are a triumvirate of talents at least as good as any guest they play cordial host to. If you are lucky Joe, Rick and Miles will all be back to back by the end of the night and can guarantee you will be not be sorry you went. Recommended.

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