The Tale Of Daedelus & Bambooman

Art & Culture

Let me tell you the tale of a figure named Daedelus, a man that some say was able to produce the most pleasing aural sensations through sheer magic applied to the purest wax. He was a curious soul, always looking for something new that could spark further intrigue into his nightly routine of entertaining the crowds. This curiosity could often lead to mystifying adventures that words can barely describe.

So here's some nonsense off the top of my head instead.

As Daedelus wandered through the woods, seeking this next sonic delight that would wow the masses, he came across a creature made only of the finest bamboo (Yes, I know I'm not being very subtle). This creature explained to Daedelus that he was part of a new tribe called 'The Beat Makers' and that he too was in search of sounds that would bamboozle the crowds – it was because of this he gave himself the name 'Bambooman'.

Daedelus enquired as to whether or not the name had anything to do with the wood from which his new companion was carved, his question was met wih a swift "Do one" as the pair began a long and tiresome journey through the forest. As they heard chaffiniches in the trees, large metallic birds flying in the sky and the EDM thump of the mole people, both Daedelus and Bambooman felt as though there was little inspiration to be had within the forest. They decided that they should venture elsewhere and, after stealing a couple of Mini Rolls from a childrens' picnic, they strolled out into the open air in the hope that the Gods would bring some new, invigorating sounds their way.

This unlikely pairing wandered for days on end, passing through fields of guitarists that seemed trapped by the spells of mirrors as they continued their new tiresome journey. They also spotted the wild Super Furry Animals passed out on a big colourful tank, though that's a tale for another time.

Just as the pair felt that it was time to call it a day, a small imp appeared as if from nowhere. He told the duo of a magical place called Dalston in which sounds and aromas, often of greased food outlets, filled the air at all manner of hours. The imp promised to take our adventurers there, as long as they were willing to assure the bouncers that he was indeed an imp and not merely a child looking to get rather groggy from a few too many ales.

The road to Dalston was long yet, with a newfound hope in their hearts, the now infamous duo – accompanied by their impy guide – found themselves standing outside of a lodgings which simply labelled itself 'Birthdays'. In an instant they knew that they had found the perfect place to craft their talents and potentially achieve this elusive new sound.

So, were our heroes victorious in their quest for the new aural delights?

You'll have to wait and see for yourselves, I hear that the display of their wares is just on the horizon…

Daedelus & Bambooman play at Birthdays, Dalston on Friday 24th April – grab your tickets here.