The Idiots Are Winning

Art & Culture

2-4 Old Street, EC1V 9AA
London, United Kingdom
21st May
22:00 – 05:00

5 Advance tickets exclusively on R$N

Following up our last idiotic escapade with Crazy P & Luke Unabomber was always going to be a fairly tricky affair but we think may have cracked it with this equally large line up.
Classic is reforming so we thought we’d ask two of it’s leading lights (one founder, one longtime cohort) to join us for our little basement takeover.

As per usual, you won’t find us using reams of biogs to big this up so if you don’t already know who …these lot are, you need to question your own party credentials, not theirs… ; )

Luke Solomon (Classic / Music For Freaks)
Rob Mello (Classic / Music For Freaks)
Chris Duckenfield (Swag / Popular Peoples Front / TIAW)
Louis Finch & Jake Manders (TIAW)

Apologies to all those who couldn’t get in last time round. As you know, Life is a small space so we’re trying to make it a little easier by selling a small quantity of tickets on this very site.
You’ll still be able to get in on the door should you wish to but to guarantee entry, we recommend you get your tickets right here:

Ransom Note Tickets

Other bits of housekeeping:

– The music goes on till 5, as does the bar

– There’s space for about 125 of you and your crew

– Life has just been fitted with a brand new Martin Audio soundsystem

– Tickets are 5 plus BF / Door tax is 5 before 12, 7 thereafter

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Ransom Note Tickets