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Over the last few months, TBC has steadily established itself as one of the best post-work pub raves around. Rising from the ashes of noughties DJ collective, Controllata, the concept is a simple one – mates get together to play few records whilst drawing on the pool of DJs kicking their heels mid-evening in London before they play their main gigs. Hence TBC, unannounced guests playing for love and/or beer sans booking agent.
Parties so far have seen the like of Ashley Beedle (Black Science Orchestra), Neville Watson (Rush Hour), Katie Barber (Ladybugz) and Elles (Legendary Children) play and in some cases, get mightily drunk…
This Friday not only sees the TBC’s first Christmas Party (an Xmas Xtravaganza, no less) but also the first birthday party of The White Horse in its current rave pub incarnation – twice the cause for celebration, so both floors of the venue are being used to shoe-horn twice as much music into the evening.
Providing said music is a veritable truck load of London DJs; Ashley Beedle is returning to rock the top floor alongside TBC debutant Ross Allen and Legendary Children’s Elles. In the basement Rekids stalwart and one of the hottest DJ properties in Europe, Toby Tobias, will be joined by a special guest, who cannot be announced in advance. Think London disco legend and renowned cheesecake lover, and you might have an inkling. 
Support will be provided throughout the evening by the expanded line-up of TBC residents, which now includes Katie Barber, who liked it so much she bought the company, and Will Webster, alongside Scottie, Jimmy and TBC’s own resident drunkard, Miles.
Entrance is free all night, first party popper will pop at 7pm and if that was not enough, the night’s sponsor, Aperol will be providing FREE booze for the first hour.
Sounds like the perfect place to dance, get drunk and either fall over or head out to a club.