Smugglers Records Presents Tinariwen In The Woods

Art & Culture

On the 6th of June Mali rebels Tinariwen will be taking over the woods of Deal in Kent for a day of vibrant World Music. Local folk and roots label Smugglers Records have been given the reins in presenting the one day event. As Tinariwen are very rarely ones for performing in closed spaces due to their nomadic tendencies, Smugglers Records are the perfect fit in presenting the group with their commitment to hosting open air, site specific events. 

Tinariwen founder Ibrahim Ag Alhabib is a true inspiration. After surviving a rough childhood he used the only resources he had to make a guitar from a tin can, a stick and a bicycle cable. From this point on Tinariwen formed, blending Alhabib's Hendrix, Zeppelin and Marley influences into their unique fusion of West African guitar sounds and traditional Tuareg rhythms.

The festival offers overnight camping, local food and beverage vendors and music well into Sunday afternoon for those true nomads. The exact location of the event is a secret and only revealed after purchasing a ticket. 

Tickets for Tinariwen In The Woods can be purchased here.