Patterns announces upcoming dates with DJ Fett Burger, Ryan Elliott & more

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The Brighton based club has announced a collection of new parties and upcoming shows set to take place across the coming months. The longstanding venue has booked an eclectic, forward thinking assortment of live acts and dj's across October, November and December. Names include the likes of Sex Tags affiliate Dj Fett Burger, Maurice Fulton, Joy O, Eclair Fifi and many more. 

The venue has also announced a prolific array of talent as part of their live jazz series including Project Karnak, Chloé Bodur and more. 

Other significant parties include 'Or:la invites: Batu & Momo' and 'Cooking with Palms Trax ft. Raphaël Top-Secret'.

The club has also announced a new concept, FOCAL. The series will see residents invite artists they have a connection with to join them in the club all night long. FOCAL will not be defined by set times; each party will unravel naturally. First up on the 12th October Charles Green invites Berghain/Panorama Bar resident Ryan Elliott, followed by Mehtola inviting Willow on the 9th November. Fellow club resident momo will soundtrack the ground floor bar on both dates.

A full list of upcoming dates can be seen below:


20.09 Foundations: L U C Y  
21.09 Patterns with Horse Meat Disco & Mr Bongo 
23.09 Boiler Room: 
26.09 Jazz Club: Offie Mag presents Chloé Bodur, Yadasofi & Ebi Soda 
27.09 Foundations: Free Jungle Party 
28.09 Or:la invites: Batu & Momo 


04.10 Foundations x 23 Degrees: Klub Kiwi with Conducta, Sharda & Prescribe Da Vibe
05.10 Patterns with DJ Fett Burger
11.10 Foundations x Tropicalé: Chimpo (All Night Long)
12.10 Charles Green presents FOCAL: Ryan Elliott
18.10 Foundations x SHOOK: Scratcha DVA
19.10 Patterns invites Emergency Room x Soirée: Harrison BDP
25.10 Foundations x Materials: Kahn + Neek (All Night Long)
26.10 Cooking with Palms Trax ft. Raphaël Top-Secret
01.11 Foundations x 23 Degrees: 140 vs 160 with FAUZIA & Sicaria Sound
02.11 Tru Thoughts 20th Birthday: Rodney P (Live), Robert Luis, Hidden Orchestra Reorchestrations Set (Live), Anchorsong (Live), Bryony Jarman-Pinto (Live), Strategy (DJ Set), Rhi (Live), Wrongtom, Gawd Status, J-Felix (DJ Set), WheelUP + more TBA
08.11 Foundations: Free Liquid Party
09.11 Mehtola presents FOCAL: Willow 
15.11 Foundations x SHOOK: Manara & Anz
16.11 Patterns with DJ Boring
22.11 Foundations x Front Left: Sully + more TBA
23.11 Patterns with Maurice Fulton
29.11 Foundations x Strictly Bangers: DJ Flight (Disco Set)
30.11 Patterns invites Accidental Meetings
06.12 Foundations x 23 Degrees
07.12 Patterns invites IDWT with Chaos In The CBD & Jon Sable (All Night Long)
13.12 Foundations
14.12 Or:la invites Sally C
31.12 NYE: TBA


26.09 Jazz Club: Offie Mag presents Chloé Bodur, Yadasofi & Ebi Soda
23.10 Jazz Club: Offie Mag presents PYJÆN & TBA (Worldwide FM)
21.11 Jazz Club: Offie Mag presents: Project Karnak

More details and tickets HERE