On The Radar: Boomtown Fair 2014

Art & Culture

It's less than a week away til Boomtown 14 – my favourite festival from last year. It'll be interesting to see how they've built on last year's success – the weather was absolutely glorious (bar one late night flash storm that collapsed my tent on the Friday morning, I survived); the music on show wide and varied; the visuals nothing short of spectacular and the atmosphere just pure Vibe-ington Central from start to finish. So who or what is worth checking this time around? A few things on our radar: 

Dub Phizix & Strategy 

My only very minor gripe from last year was a lack of action on the minimal Drum & Bass front. Sure we had Bukem & SPY holding it down on the rolling, jazzy front, and Andy C & Friction holding it down for your more mainstream type affair. But nothing really works a system quite as ferociously as the low-end dominated, scattergun beats from arguably the scene's leader of he pack, Dub Phizix. With Strats on board too it'll be gun-fingers aplenty that's for sure. On a similar tip, be sure to check Om Unit too – jungle half-time in the best possible way. 

The Bad Apple Bar 

If like me you have been trading in your real ales for some outrageously tasty ciders over the hot summer months, you'll be silly to not set up camp somewhere near this badboy. I only found out about the Bad Apple as I was leaving Boomtown last year and I was hugely disappointed in myself. News of a refurb and that Thatcher's Gold is returning to the lineup only further whets the appetite. Cider Paradise. 

Jungle Syndicate and Amen-tal @ The Prohibition Den 

The Prohibition Den was positively raw last year. I remember wandering in late on the Saturday night to what I can only describe as Amen destruction at 200bpm. Carnage…. 
Two key sets – Dom & Roland tantalising 'Amen' set, and BKey, whose recent outings on seminal label Scientific Wax have been pure gold. I'm too excited. 

The Old School Garage 

Possibly a victim of its own success last year with an impossible number of people crammed into its small confines. But alas, it's old school garage, and everyone loves old school garage right? There's nothing quite as satisfying when the sun's out. Hoping for an expansion of some form this time around. 

Mungo's Hi Fi secret rave-up 

Apparently Mungo's Hi Fi are on the move this year with word of a secret party somewhere in Boomtown's darkest depths. Where? When?? I demand answers! 

Jack Smith

Boomtown 2014 happens next weekend. 
Check www.boomtownfair.co.uk