Nothing Bus Us

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Were back!

Weve packed away our swim shorts and bikinis for another year, the tans have faded and weve all but shaken the last of the sand from our shoes, which can mean only one thing. Nothing But Us is back!

After an amazing start in May with the fantastic Disco Bloodbath lads its time once again to get down to the serious business of doing what we do best, playing records that make you move your feet. Having taken an extended break over the summer were back and weve found a new, warm home for the winter. Situated on Kingsland Road in East Londons ever growing disco district, Dalston, The Junction Room is everything we could ever want from a new home, great sound, friendly staff, well priced beer and best of all its FREE to get in!

Over the coming months well be inviting some very special guests down to play late night body music for your hearts and ears so expect all the usual house jams, good times disco, unclassics, new wave oddities and just about anything in between. Think somewhere between a loft party and the best mix tape anyones ever made you.

This month we welcome the one and only Simon A. Carr from Thisisnotanexit records down to spin some of his favourite records for us. Not satisfied with having set up the incredible Thisisnotanexit Records Simon also runs his own club night in Stoke Newington, is a fantastic DJ and general all round nice bloke to boot. From releasing classics such as the incredible Optimo remix of They came From The Stars I Saw Them to the new Detachments single Holiday Romance (with a MASSIVE Andy Blake remix) Simon has shown hes a man of impeccable taste and were all very excited to have him down to play.

Expect an evening of old records you love and new records you never knew you loved.

8pm – Late