Noise Of Art’s NYE Psychedelic Curiosity Show

Art & Culture


Noise of Art returns to  Londond's Sketch for New Years Eve 2012, with a new immersive club event featuring music, art, film, performance, dance, surround projections and 'occurrences of curiosity'. 
On the 45th anniversary of the UK’s Psychedelic movement, Noise of Art’s new show is inspired by the 19th Century imagery of the late Sixties (think Blake's iconic cover art and inner sleeve cut out moustaches). It imagines that Sergeant Pepper, Pink Floyd and The Avengers were the result of two universes colliding in 1967; throwing people from a parallel world into the Carnaby Street  (coincidentaly,a short walk from this event) scene of swinging London.
The resulting psychedelic party will features DJs, coal-fired flower power, contemporary dancers, costumes and folk singers, curiosities of nature and, visiting the capital for the very first time, the drawing room disco that is a Benefit For Mr Kite and 360 degree magic lanterns of psychedelic imagery.
Performers include:
Ben Osborne
Luca Santucci
 The People Pile
Your Mum
Kevin Pearce
Peter Hepworth
Fred’s House
The Medicine Shop
Louise Golbey 
Plus more to be announced. To get your pass, plus more details on the event itself, check the event page on the Noise Of Art site.