REVIEW: Nimmo Live At The Pickle Factory

Art & Culture

To call Nimmo a pop band undersells the sophistication of their sound but there's no denying how infectious it is and that was evident at this show from the moment they took to the stage. Launching in full throttle with the energetic "Dilute This"  which merged Calypso infused grooves with a shouty chorus it was game on from the the start. The rest of the show saw them sustain the crowd's energy, no mean feat for a freezing night in January.  Sarah proved a captivating front woman owning the stage  keeping her audience rapt with her voice, commanding and haunting.

Nimmo sing tales of their life and youth and sometimes the soulful narrative style has  a haunting quality which should be at odds with the lively melodies but in their case it just works. Some tracks bring to mind early Mike Skinner, not purely for the lyrical style but because they weave a story into the sound with the same effortless skill. This narrative lends each show a sense that the audience are being taken on a journey with Nimmo as their guides and judging by tonight's crowd everyone is hyped to be along for the ride.

The set closes on current single "Unyoung" which seems a fitting anthem to end on, Nimmo may be Unyoung but if that means old souls making new sounds, I'm happy to be along for the ride.

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